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Intelligent Boiler Management

Low cost solution for saving on heating & hot water bills


  • High heating bills
  • Ever increasing energy prices
  • Wasted energy
  • Over usage of boiler
  • Corporate responsibility


  • Free site survey, report & proposal
  • Install a suitable intelligent Boiler Management systems
  • Leasing finance options available with quick payback


  • Typical reduction inheating bills of 20-30%
  • Typical payback 2-4 yrs
  • Substantial long term savings
  • Extended life expectancy of boiler
  • Go GREEN & help the environment

What is Boiler Management?

  • Boiler Management is anenergy saving & heating solution
  • Built with an advanced control system, Boiler Management utilises & combines time proven techniques with modern data processing to intelligently control central heating boilers/burners
  • Compatible with most single, dual, multi &modular boilers; conventional, condensing & combiboilers using natural gas, oil or LPG as well as warm air systems & radiant tube heaters
  • Boiler Management systems reduce energy consumption & CO₂ emissions

Other Features Include:

  • Weather compensation
  • On/Off optimisation
  • Frost protection
  • Night time temperature control
  • Hot water priority & temperature control
  • Digital programmer
  • Bypass facility
  • Multi boiler sequencing & stepping

How DoesBoiler Management Work?

  • Boiler Management systems are designed to improve the efficiency of central heating boilers by:
    • using advanced software programs monitoring flow & return temperatures as well as external temperature variations
    • automatically adjusting the firing of the boiler plant to meet the varying levels of demand placed upon it & eliminating unnecessary boiler firing
  • Boiler Management systems function to maintain stable heating temperatures & hot water availability as required at all times
  • The controls can also provide, where necessary, periodic boosting of hot water temperature to prevent build-up of legionella

Boiler Management Explained…:

  • The system uses the principle of Variable Thermal Response (VTR) to achieve its energy savings
  • The VTR program intelligently manages the heating system ensuring that it efficiently & economically meets its performance requirements
  • The system has two electronic sensors which are fitted to the FLOW &RETURN pipes of the central heating system
  • Taking into account all changeable factors, information from these sensors is used to accurately vary the system temperature according to the level of demand imposed & external temperature
    • This significantly reduces the fuel wastage caused through temperature overshoot, heat saturation of the heat exchanger, flue losses & unnecessary boiler cycling
    • Whilst improving internal comfort levels, reducing energy consumption &CO₂ emissions

Boiler Management Products:

  • We offer a range of Boiler Management systems tailored to the various sizes & types of heating plant, be they in domestic, commercial or industrial applications.







Energy Minder

small to medium size single boiler domestic central heating systems

Energy Master

medium to large size single boiler domestic central heating systems

TEC 100

small to medium size single boiler industrial/commercial heating systems

TEC 200

small to medium size dual-boiler industrial/commercial heating systems on a common header

TEC 500

medium to large size multi-boiler industrial/commercial heating systems on a common header

TEC 1750

warm air/radiant tube heating systems


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