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Solar Farms

If you have an in-road to a Solar Farm, whether just a contact to a piece of land or already have DNO approval, Sold on Renewables have the required expertise and resources to take a project right through to completion.

The Solar market in the UK is assisted by government incentives in the form of Feed in Tariff payments made against generated electricity on installations up to 5Mw and these are linked to RPI for 20 years. Larger sites are assisted by the issue on Renewable Obligation Certificates and these are a trade-able bond that can be cashed at any time now or in the future.

The electricity generated can also be sold through Power Purchase agreements with energy companies. These can be contracted to run for up to 20 years on market variable rates with an initial 5 year fixed rate available if required to suit the owner requirements.

Solar Farm Project Timeline

Day 1 Landowner signs ‘Heads of Terms’ and ‘Non Disclosure agreement’
Week 1-2 Local Grid Operator contacted to agree capacity to be connected to Grid
Week 3 Pre-Planning application submitted
Week 4-8 Local Grid Operator supplies provisional cost and date of connection to Grid
Week 9-10 Landowner signs ‘Option’
Week 11-13 Ecological Survey
Week 13 Planning application submitted
Week 14-26 Planning period and consent
Week 26 Landowner signs ‘Lease agreement’
Week 27-31 Ground Survey / Pull out tests to establish structural design for mountings
Week 32-34 Get site ready for construction ( roads , lay down area etc )
Week 35-39 Construct Solar Arrays and Local Grid operator upgrades connection to Grid
Week 40 Connection to Grid and site cleared

These timings may vary with each project dependent on the two major factors beyond our control. These are the planning process and the grid connection date.

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