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Power Factor Correction

Save on electricity bills & avoid hidden penalties


  • High electricity bills
  • Ever increasing energy prices
  • Paying hidden penalties
  • Paying for over capacity


  • Free site survey, design & proposal
  • Install our bespoke Power Factor Correction system
  • Leasing finance options available with quick payback


  • Typical reduction in electricity bills of 20-30%
  • Typical payback 2-4 yrs
  • No more hidden penalties to pay
  • Improve the efficiency & life expectancy of electrical equipment
  • go GREEN & help the environment

What is Power Factor?

  • Power Factor = the degree of electrical efficiency of the electrical supply

What is Power Factor Correction?

  • Power factor correction (PFC) works by improving the electrical efficiency to return an energy saving

Electrical Efficiency:

  • PFC provides a reduction in energy consumption through electrical efficiency
  • PFC targets unity power factor (1.00PF – i.e. 100% electrical efficiency)
  • Anything less than 1.00PF means that extra reactive power is required from the electrical supply to provide a magnetising effect in order for electrical equipment to perform their desired functions
  • Electrical equipment including motors, machinery, inductive loads & lighting causes considerable distortion of the electrical supply, resulting in poor power factor

How Does PFC Work?

  • Through the introduction of capacitors onto the electrical network
    • to counteract the effect of any distortion of the electrical supply caused by electrical equipment
    • which compensate for the reactive power demand of the electrical equipment &thus reduce the burden on the electrical supply
  • Installed in parallel rather than in series
  • Matched to the load dynamics (i.e. load = maximum demand)
  • PFC operates  by changing the phase angle of the electrical supply
    • voltage and current running at the same angle = 1.00PF (i.e. 100% efficiency)
    • voltage and current running off line (lagging) = <1.00PF (i.e. <100% efficiency)

PFC Explained…:

  • Useful/Active Power (kW):
    • Power that electrical equipment needs to perform it’s desired task
  • Wasted/Reactive Power (kVA):
    • Power that is drawn in addition to useful power but does not contribute to the task



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