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Low Carbon Campaign

FREE Vortex Energy Savers for the Commercial Sector

The ‘Low Carbon Campaign’, launched in July 2014, is pioneered by S.O.R Technologies as part of a low Carbon initiative to revolutionise energy consumption within the commercial sector.

Businesses across the UK can now benefit from reduced heating bills of up to 30% by having a Vortex Energy Saver installed – for FREE!

Applications are now open to businesses with more than £15,000 annual spend on gas and electric to benefit from substantial savings on energy bills as well as substantial savings on annual maintenance costs. Applications are to be made direct to S.O.R Technologies.

Vortex Energy Saver:

  • The Vortex Energy Saver is a small device that improves the properties of water in a heating system by removing trapped air as well as dissolved Oxygen down to an inert level.

    The heat transfer efficiency is increased, there is no more corrosion and therefore magnetites no longer form. This results in significant savings typically of around 20-30%, eliminating many common issues found in a heating system, reducing maintenance cost and the need for bleeding radiators as well as extending the life of the heating system.


  • Typical energy savings 20-30%
  • 40 year life expectancy
  • 10 year product warranty
  • Increase in radiator temperature of 10-12°C
  • Eliminates corrosion and extends life expectancy of heating system
  • Reduces annual maintenance costs
  • Suitable for any type of wet heating system
  • Eliminates many common issues found in heating systems: for example; the uneven heating of radiators , rattling pipes, pin holing, build up of sludge


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Vortex Energy Saver

Vortex is a revolutionary device that removes dissolved Oxygen in a heating system down to an inert level resulting in savings up to 30%.



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