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Holistic Energy Reduction Solutions

S.O.R Technologies work with a number of select manufacturers to offer the most cost effective, holistic energy reduction solutions.  Our dedicated team are constantly researching the market to ensure we work with the best renewable and energy saving technologies available.

Following a (free) technical survey, a recommendation for the most suitable technologies will be proposed to achieve maximum savings and quickest return on investment.  Our recommendations will start with solutions to reduce wasted energy such as improving the heating system, controls, draught proofing, insulation & lighting.  The next stage, depending on the customer’s budget, requirements & objectives, will be to look at potential renewable energy solutions such as solar PV, solar thermal & biomass to offset further energy costs and generate a long term income for the business.

For a free no obligation survey please complete our enquiry form or email enquiries@sor-technologies.com.

Premium Energy Reduction Solutions for SME’s:

The Vortex Energy Saver is a unique, low cost solution that improves the efficiency of heat transferred around the property.  The Vortex Energy Saver works by removing dissolved air that is contained within the water.  It is the only product on the market that does this down to an inert level (below 0.5ppm).  This improves the properties of the water to increase heat transfer efficiency, allowing the water to heat up quicker using less energy.  The Vortex Energy Saver comes with 10% guaranteed savings and will typically save 20%+. Additional benefits include; stopping corrosion and the formation of magnetites, reduces maintenance & extends the life of the heating system.

An Intelligent Boiler Management System is a proven method of achieving substantial savings on heating costs by improving the efficiency of the boiler.  Our Boiler Management System is available in a range of models suitable up to 150kw boilers and up to 10 linked boilers. Using Variable Thermal Response and per second monitoring of the flow & return temperatures, the internal processor calculates whether the boiler actually needs to be firing or not to maintain the desired temperature. The processing of this data is far more accurate than the boiler itself cutting out times when the boiler does not need to be firing.  Savings are typically between 20-30% and sometimes far greater still.

Radiator reflectors are a great, low cost solution to help retain heat within the building.  Our metallic reflective insulation panels have proven greater energy savings when compared to alternative brands.  They will provide faster warm-up times and transfer heat back into the room where required.  Tests prove that our reflector panels can save hard to treat properties or those which do not have cavity walls between 5-8% on heating.

Our draught proofing system is proven to reduce air leakage by up to 53% and can save up to 27% on heating costs as verified by BRE. Draught proofing is applied internally and is recognised by English Heritage as suitable for listed buildings. Draught proofing will create faster warm-up times and improved heat retention, reduction in draught driven complaints, improved comfort levels, noise reduction of up to 10db in city areas with single glazing and is maintenance free.

There are a range of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) available.  Ranging from energy monitoring to full control over switches, lighting & heating.  In general, the larger the energy spend the more sophisticated a system is required.  A BEMS provides insight into energy used and energy wasted and provides the tools to reducing wasted energy wherever possible.  Our more sophisticated systems can control zoned heating of a building, lighting as well as per second energy monitoring of gas, electric &water.  When utilised correctly, savings can be in excess of 20%.

LED Lighting is now widely accepted as an integral part of reducing electricity consumption. S.O.R Technologies work closely with a local manufacturer to offer competitive pricing for intelligent lighting systems.  Occupancy sensors and day light harvesting sensors are often used to minimise usage whilst maintaining maximum comfort levels.

Should the situation arise that the guaranteed level of savings are not achieved, a full refund for the cost of the products will be provided.  For full terms & conditions or a free energy saving assessment please email to enquiries@sor-technologies.com.

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Vortex Energy Saver

Vortex is a revolutionary device that removes dissolved Oxygen in a heating system down to an inert level resulting in savings up to 30%.



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